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Black coal heaps in the first snowstorm

Red-illuminated clouds over the coking plant at night

The red and green signal lights of a freight yard

The blossoming chestnut tree in the wind

A forgotten mud pond to sink into

A garden full of roses

A little girl rattles her hand along the green picket fence

Men with briefcases walk quickly along the long wall of the colliery to the main gate

The hand of a clock advances

The wheels of the winding tower move in an enigmatic rhythm

The perpetual falling of a towering chimney

The scent of jasmine bushes by the swimming pool

The elder bush between the factory wall and the sewer

A very slight smell of sulfur in the air on mild summer evenings

A pair of lovers on the stone slope overgrown with wild flowers

A red mouth

A humming power plant in the evening purple



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