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Longing walks under still leaves.

Tall grass nestles up against him and a sun hovers over him.

Wide spaces and silvery water see the embraced.

Flowers bloom, dark green plants stun the deserted earth.

Surrounded by light, it grows everywhere: slender grass and large, fragrant flowers. And for the last time he makes his way and steps up to the distant temple.

In his senses the Blue Flower blooms.

But the temple is empty.

Confused, he prays to the stones and stars.

The night sees him wandering through the worlds.

Violet suns and red planets reach out to the helpless.

He restlessly dodges ray fingers and traverses fiery mists.

Despair pulls at his limbs, then the universe dissolves him and releases the Blue Flower within him.

Soon she floats in space like a sun and shines with an unearthly light.

Her leaves produce a strange sound and whir.

Smiling, he rushes towards her and she took him in.


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